Laura M. - A Mother And Her Newborn Son
Wednesday, February 5, 2014 at 9:36AM
Laurie Brady - Webmaster

Laura holds her son Jonathan who's dressed for his graduation from the neonatal intensive care unit.Mothers are notorious for solving problems and doing anything and everything to help their children, but sometimes they’re left without the ability to help.

Blood donor Laura M. knows the feeling first hand.

Her son, Jonathan, was born four months early, at 23 weeks in July 2012, on the cusp of viability. He was plagued with severe anemia in the weeks to follow, and his bones were not developed enough to produce an adequate amount of red blood cells to support his breathing.

By the time Jonathan was two months old, he had received half a dozen blood products to help keep him alive. Another two months would pass before he no longer needed blood transfusions and was breathing without assistance from machines.

“All he needed was a little bit to help him get through the rough first few months,” says Laura. “I have so much gratitude toward those blood donors, because I couldn’t give blood when my son needed it most.”

As soon as Laura was given the green-light to start donating again, she signed up for a local drive, hoping to repay the gift of life her son received. That first donation after Jonathan's birth also marked her one-gallon milestone with Michigan Blood.

Today, Laura's son Jonathan is a happy, energetic toddler.Laura says she started donating out of convenience, because her work held blood drives. But now it’s for her son and others like him, because she knows what parents go through when they have a child in the hospital.

With her son's face in mind, Laura donates blood up to four times a year, knowing it’s an essential component to the health of many, and that her next donation could be the gift of life for a child fighting for a chance to live.

As for Jonathan, today you wouldn’t know he was born premature and battled to survive. He’s a happy, energetic toddler who loves to dance, laugh, and chat with his sisters.

“His success story wouldn’t have been a success story if it wasn’t for blood donors and genius medical technology,” adds Laura.

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