David Armbruster - Blood and Platelet Donor

Like so many other blood donors, David Armbruster wants and expects nothing in return for his donation. 

“I get enough just knowing that I may have made a difference in someone’s life,” David said.

As a 15-gallon donor, David has a long-standing commitment to blood donation, but he also has personal experience on his side.

David’s son needed blood transfusions during a stay at the Cleveland Clinic and he remembers how grateful he and his wife were to the individuals who donated at that time.

“I was donating then, but when he needed that blood I realized how critical it was,” David recalled. “I wasn’t donating every time I could, but after that I started going a lot more.”

Today, David donates regularly at Michigan Blood’s Saginaw donor center and always makes his next appointment before he leaves.

“They treat me like a king when I walk in there,” David said, about why he chooses to donate with Michigan Blood. “They’re so grateful to have you. It doesn’t matter who takes your blood they make you feel important. From registration to the person who draws your blood, they just seem like they care about you.”

David has been a whole blood donor since the 80’s, but he switched to platelet donations in the last year and a half.

“I never realized what they could do with platelets or I would have been donating those a long time before,” David said.

Regardless of what type of donation David provides, he just likes the way it makes him feel, and for him that’s more than enough of a reward.

“It‘s just a good feeling to know that I may have or have saved a life or lives along the way,” David said. “I’ll continue to donate as long as my health will let me, but I definitely want to hit 20 gallons. I’m only 67, so I got plenty of time.”