Barny Dykstra - Blood Donor

Barny Dykstra has never needed blood, nor has anyone else in his family. In fact, he can't think of anyone he knows who has. But that doesn’t stop him from being a blood donor. Barny says there’s no great story, or personal need to feel satisfied when it comes to donating blood. It’s simply a choice that he makes.

“My story’s not glamorous, but it's something I wanted to share,” says Barny. “I think there’s a lot people out there looking for something. They’re looking for a reason to help, but you don’t need a reason to give blood.”

And the way he sees it, there isn’t a question of why you should donate.

“I would ask what are the factors keeping them from donating,” says Barny, when asked what he would say to someone who doesn’t donate blood. “There really is no downside. So it takes an hour of your day, most people waste at least an hour of their day goofing off. I would simply ask why would you not give blood?”

While Barny’s logic is self admittedly not hard to follow, it’s something many people easily dismiss.

“I think if people are healthy and have the opportunity it’s something they should do,” adds the father of three. “It’s a very a trivial thing to say ‘I don’t need to do this,’ when you could just as easily say ‘I should do this.’” 

Barny first made his choice to donate at a blood drive that was being held at his work. “I just thought what the heck, I didn’t really give it much thought,” recalls Barny. Since then he’s been a regular donor and is closing in on his 2-gallon pin.

“It’s part of what I do now,” explains Barny, about why he continues to donate with Michigan Blood. “It’s part of my lifestyle, it’s part of my schedule, it’s something I’ve grown into and I don’t really see a reason not to do it.”

For some, there really isn’t a spectacular story behind why they donate. In the end it comes down to a simple choice, and Barny knows he’s making the right choice every time he donates.

“Each and every person has choices to make, right or wrong, and I think the majority of people want to make the right ones,” says Barny. “For me giving blood is the right choice and I hope other people see that too.”