Cindy Weber
Tuesday, April 3, 2012 at 2:25PM
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Former Cherry Festival Queen Cindy Weber tells her story about how blood donors helped save her life after a hemorrhage from a routine surgery sent her back to the hospital.


Photo courtesy of John Robert Williams.My name is Cindy Weber and along with my husband, Tim, I have two teenage boys. On Tuesday, November 30, 2010, I had a textbook hysterectomy. I rested as instructed by my doctor during the next several weeks. On December 29, 2010, almost four weeks to the day of my surgery, I began to hemorrhage at home. I got up at 10:30 p.m. from sitting on the couch and proceeded to get ready for bed. It was then the hemorrhaging began. I yelled for my husband and he proceeded to find towels for me and I laid on the floor of our bathroom just waiting for the sound of the ambulance arriving. For twenty minutes I laid there but it felt like 20 hours. As I was being transported in the ambulance I kept repeating to the EMT’s, “I have A negative blood....I have A negative blood.” I knew they were going to need to give me some [blood] when I arrived to the hospital. In the Emergency Room, I was given two units of blood. During surgery, which lasted two hours, I was given three units. I nearly died that night. The doctors said that had I not been a healthy, young woman (I was 43 at the time), I would have died. An elderly person’s heart would not have been able to withstand the trauma from the loss of that much blood. After a day in critical care, I began to feel nauseous and weak. After a hemoglobin test, it was determined that my hemoglobin had dropped to a 7.  I received another two units. That made seven units total.

After this traumatic event, I felt very powerless.  So many friends and family came to our family’s aid to help.  But someone told me that what I COULD do, was pray for the seven individuals who took time out of their day, whether it was on their way to work, on their lunch hour, or a quick stop on their way home from work, to donate blood so that someone could live. So I could live.

There is such a push right now to be an organ donor. All of that is wonderful. But in most case, you can’t do that until you die yourself. But blood donation is something MANY can do right now! You don’t have to lose your life to give life. You can keep on giving while you are living.
My dad and I share the same blood type. Ever since this incident, although always having been a faithful donor, he is determined to return all 7 pints of his A negative blood to the “system” in thanks for those who did it for me.
I still pray for those 7 blood donors. I will never know who they are, but I hope they are receiving wonderful blessings from my prayers.


Cindy's recent interview on video: (find it here)

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