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I have been a blood donor since 2001. On April 19, 2006 I became a recipient.  

While out for an early spring motorcycle ride I was hit broadside by a van. Paramedics arrived to find me in a ditch across the road with my right leg basically in my armpit. The ankle was almost completely separated at mid calf, my femur was shattered. One of the fragments severed my femoral artery. Death from this can occur in as little as 3 minutes. Fortunately the fire department and ambulance service was 3 blocks away. Over the next 7 days I had 3 surgeries and received 4 units of blood twice a day. I don't know how much I received during the surgeries.

That I am alive today is because of donated blood.

I don't know where, or who it came from but it was there when I needed it. And today I am here. This April it will be 7 years since the day when I would otherwise have died. Somewhere very near that date I will hold my son for the first time. Donated blood made this possible. When you donate blood you are giving so much more than most people can ever understand. You are giving another person who you will never meet a second chance to live. Donated blood gave me a chance to marry the woman I should have paid more attention to in high school, to be a stepfather to 2 children that run me in circles, and soon to understand what it is to be a father.

Every couple months we see the posters, and get an email, and the majority of the people ignore them. This week you are being given a chance to save and perhaps change another persons’ life. Unfortunately most of you will not take advantage of it. I am asking you to please set aside your phone, forget your email, ignore whatever hot item is on your desk for 45 minutes. Go to a blood drive, sign in and have a bottle of water, at least try to donate, and then have a cookie, maybe even two.

Like I said before, when you donate blood, you are saving a life. That life may even be your own.