Blood Recipients


Caitlyn Jackson: Leaving A Legacy of Courage & Perseverence

by Tom Rademacher, Veteran Grand Rapids Press columnist and long-time Michigan Blood donor

Melinda Jackson remembers those numbers as though it were yesterday. It’s the blood pressure count that the machine blinked out to her and other members of her family as their beloved “Caity Bug” fought for her life during a time when she should have been enjoying all the bittersweet gifts that accompany becoming a teen-ager.

Caitlyn Jackson died seven months before what would have been her 13th birthday, but during the time she struggled to survive, she taught us all what it is to persevere with courage and dignity.

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Addison Mayfield – Saved By Blood Donors

by Tom Rademacher, Veteran Grand Rapids Press columnist and long-time Michigan Blood donor

There she is, frolicking on the playground.

And there, at the local Y, taking in a game of volleyball, swimming in the pool.

And there, too, running in a 5-kilometer race.

It’s Addison Mayfield, ladies and gentlemen – a sprite of just 8 years old, and enjoying life and all the joys it might offer the typical 3rd-grader.

Hard to believe – seeing her now – that just hours after her birth, there were emergency blood transfusions, and the roar of a helicopter’s rotors echoing across the sky, ready to airlift her to another acute-care facility; the hands of her father and mother clasped in both anguish and prayer.

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Mary Kneibel - Blood Donors Are Lifesavers

It’s been 12 years since Mary Kneibel received heartbreaking news that her son, Patrick, was diagnosed with severe idiopathic aplastic anemia. The rare condition causes a person's bone marrow to stop producing new blood cells, and it is often a life-threatening diagnosis.

As the family nervously waited through treatments and an eventual bone marrow transplant, blood donors helped save Patrick’s life by providing lifesaving red blood cell and platelet donations.

“Blood donors were crucial to my son Patrick’s survival. Plain and simple, blood donors are lifesavers,” says Mary.

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Cindy Hammond

by Tom Rademacher, Veteran Grand Rapids Press columnist and long-time Michigan Blood donor

She doesn’t know who.

She’s not even certain of the whys.

But Cindy Porritt knows this: She’s grateful beyond words. Because perfect strangers are keeping her alive.

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Kenneth Anderson

As a long time blood recipient, Kenneth Anderson understood the importance of blood donation and always appreciated the life-extending gifts he received from blood donors.

Thanks to the generosity of blood donors, transfusions helped Kenneth endure chronic gastrointestinal bleeding and added quality years to his life before his passing on Dec. 28, 2013.

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