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Preteen Needs Blood Transfusions to Stay Healthy

Behind all of Dani’s selfies and funny posts is an underlying issue – one she’s dealt with since infancy. Dani has Beta Thalassemia Major, a disease that causes her body to produce defective DNA. There is currently no cure. Her hemoglobin breaks down prematurely, forcing the preteen to undergo a regularly-scheduled procedure to help her: blood transfusions.

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Firefighter to Honor Sept. 11th Victims through Blood Drive Event

Nearly 16 years ago at a police academy in Northern Michigan, Officer Jan Ganzel was learning the ropes in every aspect of public service – firefighting, emergency medical tech, and police work. Those skills would all become useful to him in his future, but on a Tuesday in September of that year, Ganzel was lost for how he could use them.

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Helping the victims of Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey is affecting tens of thousands of people across Texas and Louisiana, including patients in need of blood and blood products. Michigan Blood is working to help that region by extending our bloodline - every blood donation we receive will indirectly help people in damaged areas.

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Nearly 19 Gallons of Blood Used After Bull-Riding Accident

Teen’s life saved thanks to blood donors.

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Matt Malone: Blood Recipient, Blood Donor, Radio Host

Sitting in front of a hanging microphone, the blue glow of a computer screen lit up Matt Malone’s face as he clicked through music software. It’s nothing new for the radio host, who’s been speaking to audiences and playing country music tunes for 11 years. What’s new is the venue: 97.5 Y-Country in southwest Michigan, where he started in October, as well as the community cause he now supports: Michigan Blood.

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