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Michigan Blood Employee Lives the American Dream

Celebrating World Blood Donor’s Day (June 14th) with the story of a West African man who helps save lives

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A Gift of Love

Love can be silent or spoken; seen or hidden. Palpable love, though – so strong you can almost feel it – that is the kind of love that many strive for. It’s that kind of love that emanates from the Roberts family. And when they nearly lost everything, it was blood donors who saved them.

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Girl's Favorite Cancer Treatment: Blood Transfusions

“I would have rather seen blood or platelets going into her than chemo.”

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Friends make time for each other through blood donation.

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The Unsung Heroes – Celebrating Medical Laboratory Professionals Week

In an area unseen to blood donors, lab coat-donned men and women take careful measurements in quick succession. In between the sterile metal countertops holding various scientific instruments, a flurry of workers go back and forth between them. They’re separating blood components; taking the whole blood generously given by donors and putting each part of it – the platelets, plasma, and red cells – into separate containers. Those containers will then be meticulously measured and tested before being sent to hospitals, where the blood components will be used on people who need them.

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