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Hurricane Sandy News Advisory --- The Need For Blood

Grand Rapids, Mich. – As Hurricane Sandy roars toward the northern east coast of the United States, businesses, schools, service organizations, and blood banks have closed and thousands are without power.  The media has contacted Michigan Blood regarding requests to supply blood to effected regions.  Michigan Blood is an independent, nonprofit blood bank and as such, we are affiliated with Blood Centers of America, Inc., a network of community blood banks spanning North America which supplies 38% percent of the blood to the United States. (http://www.bca.coop) .

Should these blood banks experience a blood shortage, BCA affiliates will ship blood products to the region.  Michigan Blood is standing by to assist in any way we can.  At this time we have not been called upon to send blood products.  We recognize the need for blood is constant – in fact, every two seconds someone needs blood.  One out of seven people entering the hospital require blood.  We encourage healthy adults (17 and older or 16 with parent or guardian consent) to donate blood.  Our donors are welcome to donate in the spirit of keeping our reserves ready to assist blood centers and blood recipients in the storm area. In the event that we are called upon to supply blood to the storm region, we will depend more than ever on our donors to help us maintain a safe and adequate blood supply for hospitals and patients in both the emergency areas and our own Michigan regions of responsibility.

For a fixed or mobile site in your area, check out http://www.bca.coop/ ww.miblood.org.