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Michigan Blood Awards Students for Commitment to Blood Donation

Sixty-one Mid-Michigan students receive Michigan Blood’s Donor For Life Award for their commitment to blood donation. 

SAGINAW, MICH. (June 8, 2012) – Nearly two years after being recognized as Saginaw County’s first 16-year-old blood donor, Andrew Morris has achieved another milestone with Michigan Blood. 

The 18-year-old Heritage High School senior recently earned the Donor For Life Award, Michigan Blood’s highest honor for students who donate blood six or more times before they graduate. Morris is one of 61 Mid-Michigan students who received the award and is the only student from Heritage High School to receive the honor. Tamar Chipp, public relations supervisor at Michigan Blood, says high school students play a vital role in blood donation. “High school students are very supportive of blood donation. This award recognizes them for their commitment and selfless contribution,” said Chipp. “Nearly 20 percent of our blood donations come from students like Andrew who are driven to make a difference early in life.” 

After Morris gave his first donation in 2011, when Michigan changed the law to allow 16-year-olds to donate, he made a commitment to help save lives. 

“Helping others was worth my time in high school and I plan to continue after graduation. I’m looking forward to reaching one gallon,” said Morris who plans to study engineering at Delta College in the fall. “I’m healthy, and I see this as a way to easily give back to save lives.” 

In addition to Morris, the following Mid-Michigan students received the Donor For Life Award: 

  • Autumn Baker: Gladwin High School
  • Kayla Barcia: Pinconning High School
  • Dominique Baldwin: Bridgeport High School
  • David Bellville: Pinconning High School
  • James Brown: Coleman High School
  • Raelynne Chappel: Coleman High School
  • Anthony Coggins: Birch Run High School
  • Jacob Conrad: Clare High School
  • Allison Daenzer: Frankenmuth High School
  • Angelique Deparas: Arthur Hill High School
  • Alexander Dewyse: Garber High School
  • Constance Edgin: Freeland High School
  • Casey Fauver: Swan Valley High School
  • Evan Gennrich: Freeland High School
  • Jessica Gross: Bridgeport High School
  • Myles Grusnick: Pinconning High School
  • Erica Gulley: Merrill High School
  • Dylan Hamilton: Bridgeport High School
  • Shaena Hipkins: Gladwin High School
  • Caleb Hortop: Gladwin High School
  • Shelby Hunt: Swan Valley High School
  • Lindsey Jackson: Bay City Western High School
  • Zachary Johnroe: John Glenn High School
  • Tyler Kerkau: Bay City Central High School
  • Cody Kindy: Swan Valley High School
  • Willy Korthals: Bay Arenac Career Center
  • Lisa Leach: Birch Run High School
  • Mckenzie Lee: Bay City Western High School
  • John Letherer: John Glenn High School
  • Ismael Levario-Martinez: Bridgeport High School
  • James Loachridge: St. Charles High School
  • Stevi Lodge: Freeland High School
  • Cotey Lytle: Coleman High School
  • Morgan Mckellar: Meridian High School
  • Alex Melchi: Gladwin High School
  • Clark Menough: Bay City Western High School
  • Matthew Merchant: Bay Arenac Career Center
  • Rebecca Newman: Swan Valley High School
  • Charles Norris: Gladwin High School
  • Tabitha Odell: Beaverton High School
  • Eva Putt: Bay City Western High School
  • Kelsie Quimby: Freeland High School
  • Dylan Raub: Midland High School
  • Krystle Reiss: Valley Lutheran High School
  • Dan Rigg: Merrill High School
  • Stephen Roersma: Carrollton High School
  • Jason Shaffer: Academic Career Education Academy
  • Alex Schmidt: Swan Valley High School
  • Jacob Schultz: St. Charles High School
  • Donald Shaner: Swan Valley High School
  • Tiffany Shedron: Harrison Alternative Education
  • Brenna Sherlock: Gladwin High School
  • Brittany Shoemaker: Pinconning High School
  • Frederick Siler: Merrill High School
  • James Soule: Bay City Western High School
  • Dayton Sprague: Freeland High School
  • Christopher Staggs: Bay City Western High School
  • Briana Stroik: Swan Valley High School
  • Katelyn Ulrich: H.H. Dow High School
  • Rick Williams: Swan Valley High School