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Michigan Blood Joins Blood Center Alliance To Improve Patient Outcomes & Efficiency

CTTM, Fay Spano – 414-937-6124 or Fay.Spano@bcw.edu
Michigan Blood, Jim Childress – 616-260-1281 or jchildress@miblood.org


Michigan Blood is joining a new strategic alliance.  The statewide non-profit blood center, based in Grand Rapids, is about to become a member of the Centers for Transfusion and Transplant Medicine (CTTM). The shared expertise and capacity made possible by the new alliance will enhance Michigan Blood’s ability to improve patient outcomes at the more than forty hospitals it serves across the state. It will also help Michigan Blood restrain health care costs by achieving new efficiencies and sharing best practices.

The other non-profit blood centers in CTTM are BloodCenters of Wisconsin, a statewide blood center based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Heartland Blood Centers, based in Chicago and serving parts of Illinois and Indiana.  The alliance is built around a very contemporary structure that allows member organizations to maintain local identity and focus, while benefitting from the strength of partnering. That flexibility is expected to help CTTM achieve its vision of growing well beyond these three organizations to become one of the most capable blood service organizations in America.

Michigan Blood Board Chair John Perras described the decision to join the alliance as, “An incredibly important and positive step, allowing for a wider range of services to our hospital partners, providing us with a chance to share some of our unique expertise and helping reduce costs.”  “That’s a package of benefits to the communities we serve that’s hard to beat”, said Perras.

Each affiliate has unique strengths to share, which will make each of them stronger under the structure of this alliance.  Michigan Blood for instance, has unique expertise in cord blood and cellular therapies for the treatment of cancer that will now be shared.

The strategic alliance, Centers for Transfusion and Transplant Medicine (CTTM), was created to improve patient care by providing innovative transfusion medicine solutions in a changing healthcare environment.

Hospitals across the country continue to seek better ways to improve patient outcomes at a lower cost. As members of the alliance, the three organizations will work together to provide new and better ways to advance, save patient lives, increase the quality of service to hospitals and reduce the cost of healthcare.

“The addition of Michigan Blood marks another milestone for CTTM to shape the future of healthcare,” according to Jacquelyn Fredrick, president and CEO of BloodCenter of Wisconsin and CTTM. “As new affiliates join the strategic alliance, greater opportunities are presented through sharing expertise and resources. This will lead to even greater transfusion medicine services for the hospital systems we serve.”


About BloodCenter of Wisconsin
BloodCenter of Wisconsin (BCW) has been providing life-saving blood services to patients in Wisconsin and beyond since 1947. BCW's contribution to the continuum of care spans from discovery and diagnosis to treatment and cure. Headquartered in Milwaukee, BCW currently serves 56 hospitals in 29 Wisconsin counties. BCW provides more than 230,000 units of blood to hospitals annually. Marrow, organs and tissue are also provided to a wide network in the state and throughout the country. BloodCenter of Wisconsin has a diagnostic laboratory that serves the United States with specialized tests, and BCW also conducts research on blood-related diseases. For more information, visit www.bcw.edu.

About Heartland Blood Centers
Heartland Blood Centers has been providing blood products and services to patients in Illinois and Northwest Indiana since 1943.  With nearly 70 years of service to its communities, Heartland is the oldest blood center in Illinois and among the oldest in the country. Heartland is an independent not-for-profit blood center, headquartered in Aurora, IL, serving 47 hospitals in a 12 county area in greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana.  Heartland has established itself as a leader in providing quality products and services, abundant blood product inventories, expert medical and technical support, and unequaled customer service.  It operates 17 donor centers throughout its service area and conducts nearly 2,800 blood drives annually at area hospitals, churches, businesses, schools and community centers.  Heartland collects more than 172,000 units annually.  You can learn more about Heartland Blood Centers at www.heartlandbc.org.

About Michigan Blood
Founded in 1955, Michigan Blood is a fast growing, independent, non-profit blood bank headquartered in Grand Rapids.  It provides blood products and services for more than 40 hospitals throughout Michigan and is an established leader in quality and service.  Michigan Blood collects more than 120,000 units of blood each year at nine permanent donation sites and more than 3,700 mobile blood drives in 37 counties statewide.  Michigan Blood has a nationally recognized stem cell (marrow) program and created Michigan’s first public cord blood bank. In addition, Michigan Blood provides therapeutic aphaeresis, cellular therapies for the treatment of cancer and transfusion medicine consultations. For more information, visit www.miblood.org.