Urgent Need for Type O-Negative Blood
Thursday, November 24, 2016 at 11:30AM
Laurie Brady - Webmaster

Gift cards being offered to O-negative blood donors 

MICHIGAN (November 10, 2016) - Michigan Blood is experiencing a shortage of Type O-negative blood, causing low levels at the non-profit’s more than 60 hospital partners. O-negative is the universal blood donor, and often what health providers turn to when performing surgeries or transfusions.

At this time hospitals are doing all they can to conserve O-negative blood, but the need will only increase as the holiday approaches.
“Local hospitals need your help to ensure a safe blood supply,” said Jim Wilson, President of Michigan Blood, “You can make that difference.”
Michigan Blood is offering a gift to any donors with Type O-Negative blood between Wednesday, Nov. 9th and Tuesday, Nov. 15th. The $10 gift cards will be to either Meijer or Kohl's. All centers across Michigan are part of the promotion.

You can find a list of donation sites and hours by clicking here.


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