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Past Blood Recipient Becomes Repeat Blood Drive Host

Mother of three hosts multiple Northern Michigan blood drives in an effort to give back


TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. – On June 3rd, 2015, Tina Dunphey went into a scheduled C-section with her husband, Mark, to welcome their third child. Tina had the same procedure with her second child, so they didn’t expect anything out of the ordinary.

“The entire pregnancy, our baby never stayed in one position. The day of the delivery, he had turned sideways. We both knew something felt different, but it wasn’t too alarming,” said Tina Dunphey.

Philip Dunphey was born on June 3rd at 8:30 a.m. Within hours, Tina began vomiting as her blood pressure plummeted. After some tests, she was taken to the medical trauma unit within the hospital.

That’s when they learned Tina was suffering from internal bleeding due to a damaged artery behind her uterus. Doctors had to use seven units of blood to save her. 

“I didn’t know how serious it was until I saw the bag of blood hanging the next day,” she recalled, “I didn’t fully understand what had happened until then.”

Tina spent three days in the Intensive Care Unit and another three days in recovery. 

“It’s a humbling experience laying in the ICU. It was just surreal. You can’t really tell what’s reality and what’s not. I just kept looking at my blood pressure, hoping it would go up,” said Tina.

The entire time she was in the hospital, Tina remembered hearing about Michigan Blood drives over the PA system. She realized that’s where the blood she received came from, and decided to find a way to give back.

In July 2015, one month after Philip’s birth, Tina and her husband held their first blood drive through Michigan Blood. Since then, they have held multiple drives in the Empire, MI area.

“It’s kind of been our thing – if we can do something to give back, for me, this is the best thing we can do. Michigan Blood makes it so easy to host a blood drive. We provide the space, and they take care of everything,” said Tina.

As for their son, Philip, now 18 months old, “He’s completely healthy with no complications. He never even knew what had happened. He was asleep the whole time!”