Wednesday, May 3, 2017 at 11:07AM
Laurie Brady - Webmaster

Paula Dankert (right) has been donating for a long time. She did it when her kids were little and brought them along, too. She says they used to love eating the cookies. She used to joke that one day they'd have to be donors to pay Michigan Blood back for all of the cookies they ate. Her children have been donors since they were 16, just like their mom..

Paula’s friend, Val Eimers (left), knew Paula was a donor and wanted to try giving blood. The thing was, she only wanted to do it with a friend there to make her less nervous her first time. She thought it was a great way of giving back!

Paula and Val now donate every 2 months together and go out afterward for lunch or a girls' date. They live about 45 minutes apart so this is their reason to get together.   

Val was so thankful that Paula got her involved as a donor, she decided to surprise her. When Val was due for her 1 gallon, and knew that Paula was hitting her 10 gallon mark, she surprised Paula with flowers, balloons and a goodie basket. Michigan Blood got in on the fun, and surprised them both with a cake celebration!

Thanks, ladies, for extending your bloodlines and saving lives!

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