Patient Care

Beyond blood donation, Michigan Blood offers a variety of other services to hospitals and patients in order to improve the health of patients across Michigan and around the world.

Therapeutic Services

Blood donation or apheresis as needed to treat some diseases. More info.

Autologous Donation

Patients may donate for their own use before a scheduled surgery (doctor’s order required).

Directed Donation

Give for a specific person’s use (doctor’s order required).

Cord Blood Bank

Public (nonprofit) cord blood bank collects and stores umbilical cord blood. Donating is free, safe, and painless, and helps transplant centers obtain cord blood for patients awaiting stem-cell transplants. More info.

HLA Laboratory

Specialized lab offers tissue typing by DNA methods used in donor and patient transplant matching; evaluates disease associations; finds HLA-matched platelet products for patients with special needs.

Marrow/Stem-Cell Program

Registers prospective donors and helps find matches for patients whose best hope for survival may be a transplant. More info.

Reference Laboratory

Specialized lab offers red-cell reference services, helping find blood for patients with multiple or difficult red-blood-cell antibodies.

Transfusion Medicine Consultation

Michigan Blood physicians are available 24-7 to consult with physicians and clinicians in all Michigan Blood service areas.

Transplant Center Support

To help transplant centers obtain stem cells for patients awaiting transplants, Michigan Blood Cord Blood Bank upon request can search inventory for a match and then ship cord blood nationally or internationally.