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Bob Eluskie

I have always considered donating blood to be one of the most random acts of kindness a person can do. Donating for an HLA match is a random act of kindness but when I know I am helping save the life of a specific patient, the donation becomes very personal. I have donated several times for an HLA match. I often wonder if the same person has needed my blood over a couple of years or if I have helped multiple people. It really doesn’t matter, but what I do know is that someone needs my specific blood at a specific time so I do what is necessary to meet the need.  

Working for Michigan Blood and donating for an HLA match provides you with another means of sharing a story with a family member or friend about how donating blood met a specific need that day. This opens the door for a conversation about donating blood in general.

I think it is important for staff to do whatever they can to promote blood donations and support our life saving mission. That may be donating blood, hosting a blood drive as a donor chair or talking to others about our mission just to name a few. By doing so, you connect with the organization like you won’t otherwise do. I want other people to know that working for Michigan Blood is more than a job, it is very rewarding and fulfilling to be part of this organization. I came to Michigan Blood from education and taught college classes for several years. I often tell people how rewarding it was to be a part of someone’s personal growth but to be part of making a life saving difference takes that to a whole another level.  Therefore it is important for me to practice what we preach by donating and supporting our cause.