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Brandon Shelson

I enjoy doing the HLA donations.  I find it fulfilling knowing that my donation is going directly to someone.  It makes that donation feel a little more special.

I think it is important for staff to donate for an HLA because they have the proper antigens a specific person needs.  My understanding is for some patients there are very few donors who match their need.  It is great when staff can donate for an HLA match so they can be an ambassador to the public on their experience. 

I think all staff that are able and eligible should donate blood.  To help do our part in keeping the blood supply filled, but more importantly to be a good steward of the products and service we represent.  If we are asking people to give blood, we should be willing to do so also.  I did not give blood until I worked for Michigan Blood.  I felt it was my duty to at least give it a try.