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Carolyn DeWitt

Being an HLA match makes me feel more of a responsibility to donate.  Knowing that my platelets so closely match a patients’, I think, ‘what else can I do that is lifesaving and only requires a little bit of my time?’  It doesn’t cost me anything and I just get a nice feeling knowing I am helping someone else. I am happy to help someone in need because I never know if I may someday be that person in need.

For one thing, donating HLA is a special type of donation because you are closely matched with a patient that will greatly benefit health wise from your donation.  By donating when asked, you are helping both the patient and Michigan Blood by providing that donation when it might not be possible by another donor.

By donating, we are setting an example for our donors. Anytime we donate, the chance of contact with the public gives us an opportunity to discuss the importance of donating blood.