Top 10 Donors - Southwest Region*

Congratulations to our Top 10 whole blood donors from our Kalamazoo/St. Joseph region! They all have helped save countless lives.

  1.  John Gilsdorf

         Stevensville             30 gallons


  2.  Lawrence Burwell

         Bridgman                 25 gallons



  3.  Jack Byrd

         Kalamazoo                23 gallons



  4.  Earl Williams

         Stevensville              22 gallons



  5.  Gayle Coon

         Benton Harbor           21 gallons



  6.  Edward Wasik

         St. Joseph                  21 gallons



  7.  Larry

        South Haven                20 gallons



  8.  Marvin Kushman

         St. Joseph                   19 gallons



  9.  Keith Hill

         Richland                      18 gallons



10.  Larry Doolittle

         Paw Paw                      18 gallons



* This list does not include our awesome donors who exclusively donate platelets, plasma, or double red cells through the apheresis process. Stay tuned for our upcoming campaign highlighting the unique comtributions of these donors.