Volunteer Spotlight - The Blue Family

How do you spend your free time? Ask Jeff, Karen and Justin Blue that question and they can rattle off an impressive list of ways they spend theirs. Each rooted in community involvement. From church, to Boy Scouts, to Habitat for Humanity, the list goes on.

For the Blue family, time spent with others in mind is just as important as time spent on themselves. It’s part of the reason why they’ve become such dedicated volunteers at Michigan Blood.

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Volunteer Spotlight - Phil Knapp

Which volunteer has been involved in blood banking for 51 years, volunteered for 18 of those 51 and has donated more than 21 gallons? Northwest Michigan’s own Phil Knapp. When the Traverse City office initially opened more than 18 years ago, Phil was one of the first volunteers to come forward. Since that time, Phil has embodied Michigan Blood’s mission and continues to demonstrate his dedication and service on a regular basis.

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Volunteer Spotlight - Shirley McKinney

Shirley McKinney has been a loyal Michigan Blood Volunteer since December 2012. She volunteers in the Kalamazoo center’s post donation area and enjoys meeting and talking to donors.
     Shirley has lived in the Kalamazoo/Parchment area for nearly her whole life, leaving for seven months to be with her husband, Ralph, who was in the army and stationed in Washington state. She attended Kalamazoo Valley Community College for an administrative assistant education and enjoyed working at Tower, Pinkster & Titus, and word processing at a bank and then after retirement for Manpower where she received the Secretary of the Year award.

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Volunteer Spotlight - Len Kamisckas 

He’s done it again. One of our volunteers has gone above and beyond his usual role. Len Kamisckas started as a volunteer driver and was featured in our Volunteer Happenings newsletter in September of 2013.
     Len recruited a company called IAC (International Automotive Components), who has a location in Alma, to do a blood drive for Michigan Blood back in September of 2013. It was very successful, registering 62 donors and drawing 39 pints.

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Anne Wepman – A Life of Volunteerism

Wednesday, January 23, 2013, is Anne Wepman’s 99th birthday. Born January 23, 1914 in Grand Rapids to parents who immigrated from Russia in the early 1900s, her secret to longevity is keeping busy by volunteering at Michigan Blood.
     “Anne has been volunteering her whole life,” says Barbara Wepman, Anne’s daughter. “She volunteered for her synagogue, Butterworth Hospital, and Kent Community Hospital before coming to Michigan Blood. She says she’s going to do it until they fire her,” Barbara laughs. Anne began volunteering at our former Fulton Street location around 1970 – early records don’t give an exact date – as a “bag lady” assembling the various components of the blood bags.

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